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Q: Who created WEI Share?
A: WEI Share was conceived by Larry Larsen, made possible by Coding4Fun, and built by 352 Media led by Joy Senart.

Q: Why doesn't Facebook link right to my machine on the WEI Share site?
A: Because we do not keep any personally identifiable information on you. Also, because we are only interested in the data, if WEI Share accepts a record that is exactly the same as another record it will kick it out as a duplicate.

Q: Why does WEI Share only work with Windows 7 and not Vista?
A: In Vista the highest score you could get was a 5.9, in Windows 7 the ceiling was moved to 7.9. WEI Share uses only the 7.9 scale.

Q: What personal information is captured if I use this?
A: WEI Share will upload the following information; WEI Score, Sub-scores, Manufacturer, model, 64/32bit, OS build, OS name, Is Mobile, Platform role, processor type, processor frequency, num of processors, cores, cores per processor, num CPUs, CPUs per core, L1 size, L2 size, memory size, type, speed, monitor count, height, width, total pixels, graphics adaptor description, manufacturer, video memory, 32bpp, driver version, disk size, speed, available. No personally identifiable information is sent or captured.

Q: Why isn't my score higher?
A: Sometimes you may not have enough information to know why one piece of hardware scores higher or lower than others. For example, my home machine gets a better score for hard drive than a co-worker's SSD. What you can't discern as easily from WEI Share is that my home machine has 4 x 750GB 7200 RPM drives running in RAID 0. Sometimes I'll see memory that looks the same but where a lower amount scores higher than a larger amount. There could be other factors at play, like the speed and quality of the motherboard.

Q: You show number of touchpoints, but not touch driver, why?
A: We hope to have that soon.

Q: Why does my computer show one touch point on the WEI Share site? It isn't a touchscreen.
A: Touch points can be other devices like track pads or Wacom pads.

Q: I believe I've found fraudulent data in search results, what should I do?
A: Please make a screenshot and join a discussion here. Any records believed to be fraudulent will be removed.

Q: There are cmd windows running while the WEI index calculates, is that normal?
A: Yes. We could have hidden the cmd, but if you're using WEI Share a cmd probably doesn't frighten you, and it's interesting to see how the WEI is performed.

Common Sense Note

It would not be advisable to make any hardware purchasing decisions solely on the data provided by WEI Share. While it is a great starting point to use in evaluating options, there's always a chance that any number of factors will keep you from getting the same results in your system. And while we carefully examine submissions for consistency and to weed out any instance of fraud, there is no guarantee to the accuracy of the data submitted by others. Always research your purchases carefully using things like Toms Hardware reviews or NewEgg comments.

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gaissbauer Jun 18, 2011 at 11:37 AM 
I also think it is rather strange that computers with Intel Atom and Intel Pentium 4 CPUs are rated with a WEI of 7.9 here while for example my own Intel core i5 CPU within a Lenovo Business PC has just a rate of 6.9. So what is this WEI really good for?

ShaunnyBwoy Jun 16, 2011 at 2:36 PM 
Are you sure you carefully examine each entry? The highest rated configuration of an index of 7.9 is an Intel Atom.